Mrs. Festive + Her 4 Must Haves...


Mrs. Festive is undeniably fun - If there ever was a resident fun expert, she's the one! According to her, you only really need 4 things - to be super festive and dripping with all kinds of blingy zing. First and foremost, something fabulous for her feet - a punchy wedge with stripes is pretty hard to beat! She insists on some pretties for her person - for without this element your festiveness will worsen! Next, something polka-dottedly terrific to tote - this one in particular gets her vote! Lastly, and nevertheless leastly something nobel for her nails - preferably gawdy and slightly naughty never fails! Nothing screams festive like a don't-stop-till-you-get-enough attitude - it's really all you need be in a Mrs. Festive kind of mood.

1. Bettye Muller, Checklist Espadrilles 2. Elva Fields, Surprise Party Necklace 3. Kate Spade, Pitrizzia Dot Louis 4. Only Gold For Me Polish

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