Mrs. Gemini


Please excuse the dashing Mrs. Gemini, she's just a little bit tardy - she got all tied up chatting whilst hopping from party to party! She's a bit of social butterfly, a real chatty Kathy - while silence and boredom drive her positively batty! She's adaptable, intellectual not to mention wonderfully witty - She's got an eye for beauty which is why she's so darn pretty! She prefers thing in pairs, which is absolutely fair especially since she shares! At times she can be nervous, tense and a little superficial - but she's got a good head on her, she's logical and this is essential! She's Cunning, youthful and oh so lively - put her in the hot seat and she'll shine and thrivey! She a Mrs. who's has a tendency to be somewhat bombastic - however it certainly doesn't overshadow the fact that she's totally fantastic! Let's give a double cheer for Mrs. Gemini - the possibilities with the Mrs. are undeniably sky-high!

1. Diane Von Furstenberg Aggie Dress 2. Betsy Johnson Antoinette Wedges 3. Kate Spade Have A Ball Necklace 4. Maxx New York Large Straw Shopper 5. Victoria Beckham Round Frame Sunglasses 6-7. Undrest Biarritz Zigzag Bikini 8 & 10. iPhone 4 9. Jonathan Adler Gemini Zodiac Pillow 11. Vintage Yellow Love Seat [via : ohjoy]

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