Mrs. Palmer


A drink so close to my Mrs heart - it's refreshing, sweet and tastefully tart. It's my Mrs version of an Arnie Palmer with a twist - it's just like the original although it's vodka kissed! It's quite similar to my Mrs. Lemonade - it just requires sun tea to be made. Make your sun tea how ever you like it - just think how fabulous it will be once you spike it! As mentioned before it's not exact - rather it's quite loose in fact - so feel free to improvise, add or subtract. I'm not sure there's a more perfect refresher - a Mrs. Palmer on a hot day, by golly, what could be better?!

1. Kettle One Vodka 2. TWG Royal Oolong Tea 3. Lemons 4. Mint 5. Mint Infused Simple Syrup 6. Cuisinart Blender 7. Fishes Eddie, Toile Glasses 8. Straw Dispenser

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