I Dream of Mrs. Genie


Whether looking for your own Genie or channeling your inner Mrs. Jeanie - the notion of either is undeniably dreamy! The ability to grant Mrs wishes by nodding and winking - I'm thinking - would leave other exclaiming " I want what she's drinking!" Just when you were wishing your place was all shiny and cleany - it'd be pretty handy to have your very own genie. A plush pad with pillows, poufs and lamps - are just a few things needed for a genie-themed re-vamp. If anything items so whimsical and happy - make for a fantastical facade that's pretty snappy!

1. Mrs. Barbara Eden 2. I Dream of Jeannie 3. Alberino Lanterns 4. Jonathan Adler, Hans Hourglass Table 5. Carthage Lantern 6. Beignet Pouf 

Interiors, Mr. Adler
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