Mrs. MiLien's Dinner Table


If you ever get a Mrs. MiLien dinner invitation - you best not decline, for it's comparable to a luxury vacation! You'll discover the moment you get there - that this is no Jane-shmane evening affair. She dresses her table just as she dresses her person - doused in glistening gold and posturing with astute assertion! You won't find salt and pepper in her shakers - but rather 23k gold edible powder, for it's quite the meal maker - and thoroughly enjoyed by all the takers! Fancy champagne flows like water - her place settings all gold, because she's quite the baller! Everything is wildly over the top, adhering to her preference - Her meals are a MiLien times delicious, their plated on gold and it makes all the difference!

1. Mepra Flatwear 2. Moet Chandon Gold Champagne 3. Golden Corn Salt + Pepper Shaker 4. Giusto Manetti 23K Gold Powder 5. Gold Champagne Flute 6. Futura Seder Plate 7. Hans Pedestal Table

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