Mrs. Limeade


Looking for the perfect sip whilst basking poolside? Look no further than Mrs. Limeade, for she's rather true and tried! She's an explosion of citrus + cool mint - she bubbles with effervescence, just a hint! She's the perfect summer cooler on a hot day - refreshing enough to knock a pitcher away! I must admit this recipe is not exact - why it's rather quite loose in fact - so feel free to improvise, add or subtract. So when you find yourself parched on a day so balmy - whip up a batch of Mrs. Limeade and instantly convert to cool + calmy!

1. Finlandia Lime Fusion Vodka 2. Limes 3. Mint 4. San Pellegrino 5. Stirrings Simple Syrup 6. Eye Winker Green Opal Pitcher 7. Oster 465 Chrome Blender

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