Mrs. Lilien's Summer Roadie



Mrs. Lilien is gearing up for her annual summer roadie - she's packing her bag and her portable abode-y. She packs for every occasion - she has a reputation for being the hit sensation - and doesn't skip a beat, even when she's on vacation. She has her usual route, and hits all the big places - with Mr. Lilien at the helm they'll hit the wide open spaces. From LA to Vegas, with a stop at the Grand Canyon - then, up to Yellowstone at the request of her driving companion. Then it's over to Mt. Rushmore - where they'll stay a few nights in the mobile manse's plush-core. After that, it's down to Graceland - where they'll take a VIP tour which Mrs. Lilien secretly preplanned. Then up to the east with a day trip to Nantucket - for a hands-on oyster lunch that they'll have to shuck-it. They'll circle back around and take the southern route - hitting up all the local spots and having a good 'ol time, no doubt! This annual summertime roadie is fabulous times one million - but really, would you expect anything less coming from Mrs. Lilien?

1. Moschino Mrs. T-shirt 2. James River Plantation Sweet Tea Vodka 3. Karen Walker Number One Crazy Tortoise Sunglasses 4. Elva Fields, Won't Take No Necklace 5. Milly Dickies Chain Print Shorts 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Gold Sandals 7. Violet May Weekend Travel Bag 8. Temperly London, Silk Chiffon Gown 9. Bantu Bikini 10. 1950's Juliana Cluster Earrings 11. Nars Turks & Caicos Tint Stick 12. Supergoop 30+ Everyday UV  Sun Block 13. Hermes, Les Poneys de Polo Silk Twill Scarf 14. Mayer Hawthorne 15. Airstream 

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