Mrs. Julep


The perfect sip on balmy days - perched upon your swinging porch chaise - and leisurely wasting the day aways. Minty fresh and bursting with bourbon - a real crown pleaser that's splendidly suburban. A cocktail with it's very own specialty cups - that caters to multiple fill-ups - and the possibility of happy hiccups. I must admit this recipe is not exact - why it's rather quite loose in fact - so feel free to improvise, add or subtract. These Mrs. Juleps are sure to delight - even for the proper, ladylike and polite - because they're deliciously and simplistically outta sight!

1. Basil Hayden's 8 Year Kentucky Bourbon 2. Spearmint 3. Powdered Sugar Shaker 4. Monin Simple Syrup 5. Louisana Collection Mint Julep Cups 6. Polka Dot Straws 7. Waring Professional Bar Blender 

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