Mrs. Leo



Waltzing right in with a mighty roar is none other than Mrs. Leo - and a fierce one is she - you ought to know! She's flamboyant, friendly and often flirtatious - yet generous, warm-hearted and always quite gracious. She's a creative tour-de-force - thanks to her broad-mindedness and enthusiasm of course! At times she can be a little pompous, bossy and patronizing - just take it with a grain of salt, as it's the lioness with in that's she's powerfully exercising. However it's her heart and strong loving energy that allows her to be so lovely and loyal - which makes perfect sense for her to to be fiery, emotional and regally royal. She's a very opulent Mrs. all warm sparkly and bright - a true friend till then end, a lover of life with all of her might!

1. Moschino Dress 2. Couture Bow D'Orsay Pumps 3. Butter London, The Full Monty Polish 4. Ruby Cocktail Ring 5. Leo Pillow 6. Gold Clutch 7. Queen's Scepter 8. Revlon, Love That Red Lipstick 9. Throne

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