Lotty [Polka] Dotty



Lotty [Polka] Dotty - so fierce and so hauty! She who rocks the polka-flaunts and delights in dotty accoutrements - deserves a spot amongst the fashion forward bon vivants! While complimenting a whirlwind of fantastical dots and spots - and channeling her inner swashbuckling hotshot - why, she may just round out the next dotty onslaught! A Mrs. who's all happy-go-Lotty-Dotty - not to mention pretty polka-flaunty - is most certainly jolly and adventurously jaunty!

1. Temperely London Aurora Studded Pouch 2. Marc Jacobs Wallet 3. Alaia Lace-Up Calf Hair Pumps 4. Marc Jacobs Lip Scarf 5. Jcrew Albertus Swanepoel Fedora 6. Vintage Chanel Daisy Earrings

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