Mrs. Curio Cabinet



If there ever was an cardinal piece for a Mrs. to covet - it'd be that of a fabulous curio cabinet. Why, her very own case good to store all her Mrs. fascinations - a place in which to showcase her collectibles, sentiments + entertaining sensations! Where else would she store her treasures so stellar - like her Aunt Mimi's antique salt cellars?! What good is her platinum table service if she can't show it off?! There really isn't a better place to house her French cocktail napkins + monogrammed table cloth! There's no reason Mr. Whisker's ashes and his fabulous urn - can't rest next to the silver coffee set she picked up on her last European sojourn! In every Mrs. Curio Cabinet, there must be a secret little drawer - perhaps to store her prized Turkish ciggie holder, I'm almost positive that's what it's for! I shan't have to provide further persuasion for a Mrs. Curio - for every Mrs. must have a place to masquerade her beloved treasures, you know!

1. White Curio Cabinet 2. Pickard Monogrammed Platinum Table Service 3. Antique Silver Salt Cellars 4. Monogrammed Dinner Napkins 5. Futura Urn 6. Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Coffee Set 7. Turkish Meerschaum Cigarette Holder

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