Mrs. Nails WINNER!


The Mrs. Nails entries just poured right in - I spent all week gasping and delighting! Nary an entry escaped me that didn't warm my Mrs. heart - the nail artistry and application descriptions were fine works of art! However, there was one entry so punchy and wise - that took home the gold as the 'pulitzer' prize. The win belongs to the lovely Katie Trout - for her Lilly Pulitzer nails, no doubt! She's devoted to the designer and her punchy patterns galore - so she paints her nails to match which is something I adore! Congratulations to Katie Trout and her lovely Mrs. Nails - you've done Lilly proud and your efforts deserve cheerful hails!! I commend you all for a fabulous job well done - and thank you from the bottom of my Mrs. heart for partaking in the fun!!! May you take one thing with you from this splendid little contest - it's to keep those nails painted proudly and wear them with Mrs. confidence!!!


Mrs. Lilien

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