Mrs. Goldi-Fox


Meet Mrs. Goldi-Fox - she's adorned in gold from her head to her socks! A rather commanding Mrs. who's all gold and glistening - when she speaks heads turn and every one is listening. How could you possibly ignore a lady so shimmery?!  Especially when she's rocking the gold all glowy and glimmery. She's dressed for the season and ready for fall - perfectly accessorized and like a gilded barbie doll. All gold aside, she's quite dashing and clever - white on this Mrs. past Labor Day?! [Gasp!] Never!!

1. Diane Von Furstenberg, Loren Coat 2. Vintage Christian Dior Clip-on Earrings 3. Diane Von Furstenberg, Bonnie Tote Bag 4. Nars, Versailles Polish 5. Pour La Victoire Gold Snake Ankle Booties 6. Louis Mariette, Cesar Gold Leaf Headband 7. Lipstick Case

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