Mrs. Divine


Oh dear sweet Mrs. Divine - she's so very indulgent, a real lover of all things fine. I'm not sure I know a Mrs. more decadent and leisurely - it's the way in which she partakes in such repose that comes so naturally and purely. She's brave and clever at every turn - she lives for the weekly sojourn - as convention is of no concern. She spends her days gallivanting about - seeking out amusement, to which she's quite devout, no doubt! She's a staunch sense delighter - a lover not a fighter - and prefers to discuss topics on the lighter. She's all about the good life - leaving behind any stress or strife - thanks to her positivity that is overwhelmingly rife. She's Mrs. Divine - she's merely magnificent by design!

Polish / Wedges / Champagne / Cocktail Glass Ring / Sweater / Bag / Sunglasses / Lip Balm / Earrings / Fedora

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