Ode to Mrs. Vreeland


Here's to a Mrs. who was as fierce and eccentric as they come - a true arbiter of style and elegance, a magnificently marvelous madam! Columnist turned Fashion Editor of the esteemed Harper's Bazaar - from 1937-1962, she was the magazine's reigning fashion star! She continued on as the Editor-In-Chief of Vouge and later held court at the Met - to which she became a consultant to the Costume Institute and proved herself a valuable asset. Her famed NY apartment, decorated by the venerable Billy Baldwin - was larger than life thanks to her requested fanciful spin. "I want this place to look like a garden in hell" is what she said of - her decadent living room, which t'was the type of place dreams are made of. Professional noteworthiness aside, she was said to be a real joker - not to mention a staunch smoker - and an amazing friend, once you got to know her. She was a social butterfly with friends in the highest of places - you'd expect nothing less from a lady with impeccable social graces. Cheers to this illustrious lady all extravagant and grand - the one and only Diana Vreeland!

1. Mrs. Diana Vreeland 2. Issa Kimono Gown 3. Deborah Lippmann, Stop + Stare Polish 4. Bounkit Carnelian Earrings 5. Lipstick Queen, Red Saint 6. Rhinestone Ciggie Holder 7. Isabel Marant, Poppy Suede Pumps 

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