Dominos + Daiquiris



 A little delight for your mid-week pleasure - partaking in dominos and daiquiris is fabulous on every single measure. Gaming over cocktails in the parlor shared with a dazzling crew - are the very things dreams are made of, through and through! Move over bunco, now there's something better - a classic game with chic appeal that's totally red letter! A classic game deserves a classic drink - this daiquiri is rather rummy, simple and unique! Into the shaker goes 1.5 ounce light rum and 1 ounce fresh lime - top it off with a teaspoon of simple syrup or sugar that's superfine. Shake all ingredients well with ice - then strain into chilled cocktail glasses for a drink that's so naughty yet so nice! I hope you partake in some mid-week debauchery - may it be filled with spirited games and a stiff daiquiri!

Jonathan Adler Domino Set / Stirrings Simple Syrup / 10 Cane Rum / Olya Cocktail Coupes / Shiny Cocktail Shaker

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