Mrs. Capricorn


And here we have Mrs. Capricorn with all her mysterious splendor - she's hands-down fabulous and an aspiringly ambitious zodiac contender. Despite the fact that she can be somewhat prudent and methodical - she boasts a splendidly offbeat sense of humor that's wonderfully rhapsodical! Her patients and discipline are astoundingly unparalleled - she exercises rigid restraint in which her every bit of recklessness is withheld. At times she's remarkably lighthearted - and thanks to her fastidiousness, she always finishes what she's started. In perfect high contrast form, she's both practical and calculated - while also enthralled in the arts and creatively motivated. There's no question that she's pretty darn conventional - yet, she still likes her nice things which makes her rather multidimensional. We love this Mrs. for all her fascinating facets - and consider her one of the zodiac's reigning Mrs. assets!

Halston Heritage Gown / Jet Black Tear Drop Earrings / Pep Pills Jar / Vintage Lucite Cat Eye Glasses / Kurt Geiger Kingston Platforms / Q&A A Day / Ostrich Pouf / Kodak Duaflex / Art Deco Cloud Back Chair

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