The Mrs. Cleanse


When the gilded champagne saucer has officially spilled over, and you're all gin + tonic-ed out - it's high time for a good scouring and a Mrs. Cleanse, no doubt! Coming from a heavy drinker, this ought to have some merit - for trading in your cocktails for the juice of a carrot - is positively game changing, that is if you can bear it! It certainly isn't rocket sicence, just a bunch of super healthy crap - and if you plan ahead you can whip it up in a snap - and keep that healthy elixir chilled and on tap! You mustn't fret, for it's only just a few days that you need to do it - and before you know it, you'll be squeaky clean and gettin' right back to it! When it's all over, you'll say "hey, that wasn't so bad" - "in fact, I feel pretty gosh-darned fab!" So if you are ready and willing, I gladly bestow upon thee - my very special Mrs. Cleanse recipe!


Mrs. Lilien

*This post is dedicated to my dear firend,  Ms. Novotny, the cleansiest lady I know!


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