Hello + Welcome!!


It is with abounding pride that I lift the glittering curtain - on what I consider to be my best blog design for certain! While the content I can promise will mostly stay the same, there are a few new dazzling features I'd like to call out by name. The first newcomer you'll notice is the dynamic BLOG PREVIARY - a slideshow featuring static blog highlights that's both captivating and voluptuary. It is here where you can peruse the latest - become a jetset escapist - and probe me with those queries that boggle you the greatest. Within the BLOG BREVIARY you might notice something new - I've added a new column titled MRS. NECESSITIES that you'll want to frequently review. I've done away with the Mrs. Shoppe and replaced it with this - a corner I promise you, you will not want to miss. It is here where I'll curate my must-haves of the month - delivered as an interactive image collage peppered with my favorite stuff. The CORRESPONDENCE and PRESS pages are worthy of your gander - as is THE MRS page that's bursting with my cheeky candor. I've organized the heck out of this sucker to make your viewing more efficient - I beg you browse THE APPENDAGES or MRS. MATTER if you're looking for something specific. I've made it easy to follow me on PINTEREST or TWITTER - Shux, I even threw in extra diamonds and glitter! You can subscribe via RSS or EMAIL or both - that way you can get your daily Mrs. Lilien double dose! I hope you take some time to snoop around my spangled new home - may you love it just as I and make it a ubiquitous place to roam.

Oh and, that glittering correspondence card can be yours - skip over to Stripe & Field to purchase them for sures!

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