feeling tiffy-ish...


There's nothing quite more satisfying than getting dolled up so spiffy - and partaking in an indulgent gander at Tiffy. It's like walking into the most magical jewel-laden of candy shops - although these shelves are stocked with carats instead of lollipops. It's a trip we've all taken and one we treasure - for, that little blue box has meaning beyond measure. I'll be sashaying about my Tiffanys come this Friday eve - meeting, mixing + mingling with the designers of the new leather collection... if you can believe! Sure, they'll be oohs, ahhs and cocktails galore - not to mention being surrounded by designers, diamonds and more! I'll be getting a special Mrs. Lilien peek - so I'll be sure to report back with my findings next week! Eeeek!

Jean Schlumberger, Five Leaves Spessartite EarringsTiffany, Morgan ClutchElsa Peretti, Ballpoint Pen / Tiffany, Tourmaline and Diamond Ring / Tiffany, Opera Flair Gloves

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