Mrs. Lilien Goes to beverly hills


On Tuesday evening I had the absolute pleasure of dinning at Kelly Wearstler's manse, truly a once in a life time endeavor. We giggled, we mingled, we drank + we dinned and just as you'd imagine everything was perfectly refined. Madame Wearstler, goddess of beauty and light, is every bit the gracious hostess, and an absolute delight! Her manse oozes with all that you'd hoped it would - bursting with explosive surprises, just as it should. Heck, I'd move into the hall closet if I could! The guest list was glittering — just dripping with brilliance — what a thrill to rub elbows with such beacons of magnificence! There was Karen, Kendra, Kelly, Karla, Emily, Jaclyn, Julie, Hillary, Valerie, Jazzi, Rachel, Geri, Aimee, Chloe and me...a night that will go down in Mrs. Lilien history! 

A major duchess curtsey to Mrs. Anne Cramer for providing my proper dinner party finery; I'd have been naked sans your wardrobe advisory, but thanks to you I felt like a royal Mrs. entirely!

Two cheek kisses to Kelly for a fabulous night + for inspiring us all and for doing it right!!

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