My of-the-moment loves #1



my new-ish nike kicks make me scream and shout - they are the hottest shade of fuscia, no doubt! I can't go anywhere without getting showered with compliments - coming from this pump-lover, these babies are pure foot decadence!!

When I stumbled across these little mink puffs, I 'bout near fainted - they've been clipped to my ears ever since as I'm utterly infatuated! They are the perfect ear-muff replacements - they keep my ears cozy and vivacious!

After hemming and hawing for what felt like an eternity - I finally pulled the trigger on printing my stationery. While it's are rather simply stated I like the glamorous touch - I hope those who receive it like them just as much!

Have a fabulous weekend my dear sweet friends - may it be filled with the little things you love to no ends!

photos by : Mrs. Lilien

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013