Wild Turkey Cocktail



Every special holiday calls for a special cocktail - one in which you dote upon, post on pinterest and mass email! This Thanksgiving, the Lilien clan will be sipping this wild turkey libation - a cocktail, that in summation - is annually coveted and gossiped about with adoration! Thanks to the bourbon, it's warm and cozy - and with the addition of the citrus, quite appealing to the nosey! Tossing in the egg white gives it that special holiday froth - which gives the added spark to this holiday broth! This cocktail cannot come more highly recommended - not only is it a winner, but the name is hands-down splendid!

Download the Wild Turkey Cocktail here.

You can print out proper place cards here. Since you're at it, you ought to print these out as well, my dear!

And, what ever you do, don't forget the Cranberries!

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