Airport Chic


The name of the traveling game is glamorous comfort - what fun is sashaying through they airport when looking frumpy and wayward?! First, always don massive diamonds when traveling - the kind that set off alarms leave fellow travelers curious and imagining. Big, black, uber-sunglasses are perfect for looking mysterious in a flash - and double as an ideal on-boar sleep mask. A decadent cashmere wrap makes for the perfect travel escort - and fancy leisure loafers are ideal for skimming through the airport. It's double duffels or nothing - quintessential for on the go stuffing - and glamorously lugging. The only type of balm you'll want stashed on your person is the one from La Mer, this I say for certain! The next time you head to the airport... go glam or be dammed!!

Enormous Vintage Diamond Earrings / Tomas Maier, Cashmere Wrap / Hermes, Cheval de Legende Scarf / Jimmy Choo, Oversized SunglassesCharles Philip Shanghai Loafers / Westward Runway DuffleLa Mer, Lip BalmGucci Duffle Bag / 

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