The Grand weekend putter


I love a good boring weekend when I get to flit about and putter - the domestic duchess in me lives to dust and alleviate clutter! I've got a few grand chores on my puttering list - I plan to make like a dust bunny and do the domestic twist. There's nothing more satisfying than seducing a layer of dust - to then re-discover the sparkly glow from those chotchkies that you lust. I'll be doing this very thing with my gallery wall - I'm thinking the drawing room will soon glisten like a fresh waterfall! I'll also be tackling a most marvelous mess - organizing my beloved baubles will be like a grueling game of chess - although I'm sure I'll love every second of it none-the-less.

While these tasks may seem horribly mundane - why not glorify them like vintage champange?! I say, make a party out of the prosaic, take your mess and make a mosaic!

Happy Puttering!!

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