Holiday Gifting with tory burch


So Tory called the other day... she wanted to "pick my brain" per se. She was dying to know my favorite treasure from her new holiday collection - surely there was something to which I was fostering a grand obsession - so I humored the sweet doll and gave her my selection! "Tory, darling, why this descion certainly isn't easy!" I exclaimed. "However, that fabulous Fur Hobo is so fierce I just might faint! Not only that, but it's the perfect bag to make your season brighter - and big enough to double as an impromptu overnighter!!" And with that Tory let out a capricious squeal - and shouted "My Fur Hobo has Mrs. Lilien's fabuouls approval seal!!!" So, laid out above, before your glittering eyes - sits my official Tory Burch Holiday pick surprise! This fuzzy little number is teeming with serious Mrs. appeal - and would no doubt make the perfect holiday gift, fur real!!

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