power outfit


Yes, a Power Outfit... you know exactly what I'm talking about - that ensemble you don that causes a stir when you're out and about! The number you look smashing in - the get-up you know you look dashing in - and the outfit you wear when your cashing in. I refer to this costume as the Power Outfit - a certain uniform that ought to be celebrated and touted. The proper Power Outfit should be ready to go at a moments notice - and be the first thing you grab godforbid you be going homeless. Said garb should hold a special place in one's chiffonier - and should never be loaned or even worse... disappear! If your wardrobe is missing aforementioned accoutre - get off your dang computer, and make like a Power-Outfit-hungry-consumer!

Balmain, Wool Tuxedo Jacket / J.Crew, Silk Polka Dot Jumpsuit / Gucci, Python Clutch / Jimmy Choo, Snake Pumps

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