Stalk Me!!


Won't, won't you stalk me - you know I can't believe it when I hear that you won't stalk me...

Just when you thought you hit your limit - I have a new site for you to visit! Welcome to Currently Obsessed - a brand new site that I highly suggest. It is here where you can 'stalk' your favorite peeps - and see the goodies that make them squeal and shriek. Since the site is new, I have but a few invtations - if you use this code: Mrs._LilienObsessed - you can stalk me sans limitations!! 

I've had endless fun stocking my page with covetable treasures - there's enough fabulousness present to satisfy the guiltiest of pleasures!!

Tomorrow [Monday] I'll be rolling out 12 Days of Christmas - I'll be posting every few hours with pleasure and persistence! This is a series I promise you won't want to miss - it's rich with wit and dripping with holiday bliss!

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