the 12 Days of Christmas : day 12


On the twelfth day of Christmas

Santa Claus gave to me:

A ferocious Fur Trimmed Blazer

A trinket from Tiffanys

A place on his "GOOD" list

Fancy Velvet Slippers

A lovely little handbag

An out-of-space convertible in light blue

A twenty carat diamond

Days of the week panties

A black velour robe

A modern day sable

Six bricks of gold

And a piping hot toddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Then End.

Juicy Couture, Faux Fur Collar Blazer / Juicy Couture, Topper Velvet Slippers / Juicy Couture, Ziegfeld Faux Fur Veronica Bag / Juicy Couture, Days of the Week Panties / Juicy Couture, Velour Robe, / Juicy Couture, Fur + Knit Tippet 

Thank you for singing along with me - now let's see if perhaps these goodies end up under YOUR tree!!

Kisses to the crew at Juicy for providing the fun - perhaps next year we can do another one!!


Mrs. Lilien



©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013