Cobalt Assault


There's only one way in which I beckon a brutal assault - the type with where I am smothered in vibrant cobalt! While blue has never been my go to color - a saturated cobalt will weaken my knees and melt me like butter. Give it to me in a gown - or perhaps via a pair of pumps to prance around town - better yet, in a set of baubles worthy of a jewel heist shake-down. It's so darn bright it almost hurts your eyes - it can't help but jump right out and scream surprise! I'm just sick for this haunting hue - I've got a fever and it reads cobalt blue!

Miu Miu Frock / Isabel Marant Bow Pumps / Vintage Sapphire Earrings / Harry Winston Sapphire Diamond Fringe NecklaceSuede JournalArt Deco Sapphire Ring / Harry Allen Piggy Bank / Nancy Gonzales Crock Tote / Fu Dog Candles

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