Tangerine Dream


What's dreamy and citrus-y serene-y? All things saturated and tangerine-y! There's so much to love about this orange-ish hue - such as the juiciness it portrays in these Choo shoes - and then there's the striped sensation runner that I'm so very into! I'd chop off a small portion of my left pinky - to indulge in an adult orange crush drinky - and then shimmy into that hot orange maxi skirt so long and slinky! It's hands down one of the hottest shades - and there's no denying it looks smashing amongst my shimmering silver spades!!

Happy Monday!!

Jill Sander Maxi SkirtJimmy Choo Flats / Tiffany Sparklers / Essex Scout / Draper Stripe Runner / 1970's Ottoman / Illamasqua Gamma Polish

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