My oh my, this was a tough decision - we poured over each and every submission - of this fabulous poetic competition! There was one, however, that won our hearts - that was drenched with punchy-love and poetic smarts. This amazing little four liner - was all kinds of fun and amongst the most sublimer! Submitted by the lovely Alex Thatcher - and thus the winner of this Mrs. Sash sasher! So I'll let her tell you her little love story - please feast your eyes on this little ditty and all it's glory!

I'm glitter and cupcakes/He is John Wayne,
He makes sequins sparklier/Life will never be the same,
With guns ablazin/And hearts ashine,
The only thing I need/Is to make this mine!!!!!!

Congratulations Alex Thatcher - you're the lucky winner of this Sasher!!


©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013