Mrs. Vixen


Meet Mrs. Vixen - a fashion cocktail all bold and ferocious is what she' mixin'! She's hot to trot from her face to her panty - the luxurious nature of her under pinnings really ups her ante. She's that Mrs. that gets showered with whistles - to which she bats her eyelashes returning gracious dismissals. She's the one you'd go to for love advice - she gladly divulges without thinking twice - and more often than not it's pretty darn precise! We love this Mrs. and all her vixen-y splendor - her ferocity alone begs an ultimate surrender!

Chanel Half Tint Sunglasses / Tory Burch, Edye Leather Tote / Black Opera GlovesLa Pearla Feuillage Tulle Garter BeltOscar De La Renta Earrings / Christina Louboutin Sexy 100 Patent Pumps 

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