Mint Madness


The perfect shade of mint can be magnificently complicated - but there is no denying that it's spectacularly sophisticated. It's both creamy and saturated - it's ladylike and exaggerated - yet equally crazy and cultivated. A timeless shade that's oozing with class - yet on the same token, raging with sass! Mint is happy yet grounded - a shade that has me awe stricken and dumbfounded! This is the kind of madness worth celebrating - one that's marvelously minty and invigorating!

Babajaan, Pipa Suit / Pagoda Umbrella / Turquoise and Diamond Floral Ear ClipsPersian Turquoise Necklace  / Mint Lady Pen / Charbonnel et Walker, Mint Truffles / Essie, Mint Candy Apple Polish / Paul McCobb Club Chairs

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