Mrs. Patty


Meet Mrs. Patty, she's oozing with sass - she's equal parts eccentric and bad-ass! Today is her day and she celebrates it with flare - she's spilling over with green from her cocktail to her underwear. It's not so much about tradition - according to her it's mostly superstition - that sends her on this annual green mission. It only happens once a year - upon finishing a bottle of Absinthe, the little green men appear - and grant her good luck for the rest of the year! The greener she is the luckier she gets - so says the assembly of little green cadets. So this 17th day of March is steeped in austere Mrs. dogma - she enrobes in shades of emerald and drinks copious amounts of Absinthe instead of vodka!

Royal Rickshaw Kaftan / Wander Green Chalcedony + Diamond Earrings / Absynthe Glass / Toulouse Lautrec Absinthe Spoon / La Fee Absinthe / Green Scepter / Bells of Ireland / Faceted Emerald Dome Cocktail Ring


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