Mrs. Ask n' Tell!


Well, well, well it's been a while since I've openly answered your queries - there've been countless submissions inquiring about my Mrs. theories - so it is now that I pick up where I left off with this vibrant Ask Mrs. Lilien series. While most of these get answered privately - there are always a few that I answer out loud and rather excitedly! SO, without further ado - I've gone ahead and answered a few... 

Dearest A, 

Ah yes, the Royal wedding I'm so very glad that you asked - I've pondered and and ruminated after I chuckled and gasped! Luck be the lady to receive such an invitation - she best show up glittering to this royal occasion! After much thought and consideration - I've fashioned 2 options for this Royal situation - both boast regal splendor with their jaw-dropping presentation. With option one you play it safe with your gown and go big with some showy green bling - this combination is smart, classy, and glamorously flattering! Option two you let the gown do the talking - and bedazzle with jewels that will have fellow guests gawking. A Mrs. can't loose when she's fancifully bedecked and fabulous - looking every bit the lady amongst the disastrously scandalous. What ever you choose, here's to lighting up the room - and while your at it pass my Mrs. well wishes to the Royal bride and Groom!

Option One : Elie Saab Gown / Faux Emerald Baubles

Option Two : Jason Wu Gown / Diamond Earrings / Harry Winston Wreath Necklace

Dearest Sarah, 

My Mrs. coif certainly has a mind of it's own - at times comparable to a cyclone - and something I've leaned to love and condone! It's best to let your mane do what it pleases - allowing it's natural inclination to shoot the breezes. It's all about a fabulous cut that caters to your face - something that you can pull off with effortless ease and grace. While my coif curls naturally and rather theatrically - you could perhaps mimic said waves with overnight rollers easily and tactically. Coarse and curly means I wash but thrice weekly - allowing my tresses to shine wholeheartedly and completely. I celebrate sleep caps and charmeuse pillow cases - two of my favorite things that I could sing endless praises! I hope this is helpful in your pursuit of marvelous Mrs. locks - here's to achieving coifs that are noteworthy and unorthodox!

Pink Foam Hair Rollers / Charmeuse Pillow CaseRuffled Tricot Sleep Cap

Dearest Maria, 

Bauble Management can be a rather tricky thing - what does one do with copious amounts of bling? Sure we could store it away neatly in a drawer - but what fun is that if you can't display it for all to adore?! My solution is simple and rather easy - create a visual representation that's both conventional and artfully pleasing. Gather a group of fanciful tea service - fill each cup with baubles and give it a new purpose! For the bigger pieces and things of note - large showy glass jars get my vote. Not only do they make a statement, but they can hold quiet a bevy - what's not to love about a bauble jar that's substantially heavy?!? So go on and pull out those cups - I hope you have a blast filling them ups!

Jumbo Tea Cups / Green Opal Tobacco Jar

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