Mr. + Mrs. Matchy-Matchy


Mr. + Mrs. Matchy-Matchy, oh to love them is to hate them - they shamelessly coordinate to compliment which is why we cherish and appreciate them! He with his bow and her with her bib - they're so delighted with themselves not to mention just a little glib. They'll decorate themselves equivalently - then proceed to chuckle as if it happened innocently if not accidentally. Rather taken by their cunning calculations - they offer up the most magnificent of explanations - in that they are like minded in their genius manifestations. So there you have it, the long and short on Mr. + Mrs. Matchy-Matchy - they are clever, curious and down right classy-flashy!

Mr. Matchy : Cabin Cruiser Cufflinks / Band of outsiders, Clip On Bow / Saint James Striped Socks / Two Piece Duchesse Brisee

Mrs. Matchy : Platinum Starbursts / Prada Bib Necklace / Jimmy Choo, Adita Snake Skin Pumps /  Two Piece Duchesse Brisee

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