The Mrs. Spring Bling Shoppe Has Dropped!


Perhaps you've caught wind of the Spring Bling Shoppe - well if you have or you haven't, it's dropped and it's hot! It's a bright and fanciful curation - one that I gaze at with utter admiration - a shoppe that's oozing with brilliant imagination - and one I hope you shop with raw determination! Nothing you see here is for the faint-hearted - but rather for the discerning Mrs. who's taste is highly regarded. I've done the leg work and I've formulated a fabulous figure - of the nine items you need right now to complete your perfect spring time picture. Whether for your home or your person these goodies are better than all right - not only will they temporarily change your life, but they're so gosh-darned happy and bright! 

No you're not mistaken I did say nine items - for the tenth is a special one in which I do hope you delight in. The Mrs. Shoppe has set up a fund for relief - to share some light with our friends who've been stricken with grief. So before you call it kaput after you've shopped to your hearts content - I urge you to donate what you can while seizing this spendy moment!

Now hustle on over and shoppe your heart out!

Happy Friday + Happy Shopping!



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