Building The Mrs. Bar : Dark Spirits


It certainly wouldn't harm you to become a little obsessive - when selecting your dark spirits that are so bold and aggressive. An au courant catalogue of darks is the backbone behind every bar - they beckon a palate that's both refined and bizarre. Starting with the rums you'll need a spiced and a dark Jamaican - these are both full bodied and capable of giving you a spankin'! Next you'll need to stock your whisky - a well rounding Bourbon, Scotch and Irish will keep your bar honest and frisky! Without a good cognac your bar might as well be naked - the inclusion of one shows your rather sage and cultivated. Lastly but not leastly you must stock a reposado tequila - you can't deny a place for the Don Julio, an integral player in the dark familia! So there you have it the dark spirits demystified - now you've got the know-how to stock your darks with pride.

Gosling's Rum / Captain Morgan Spiced Rum / The Macallan Single Malt Scotch / Marker's Mark Kentucky Bourbon / Jameson Irish Whisky / Remy Martin Cognac / Don Julio Reposado Tequila

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