The Royal Bacheloress


What do you suppose Miss Middleton is up to the night before her big to-do? Perhaps she'll partake in a little revelry and allow pre-wedding shenanigans to ensue. I'd like to imagine that she's getting the royal treatment - all the while celebrating her upcoming crowning achievement. I envision a few of the usual suspects - such as champagne punch, a big blingy ring and a tiara for the full effects - as well as sparkling falsies, bon bons and confetti, what else would you expects? Nothing would bring me more joy than to imagine her and her cronies - playing a game of high-stakes Blingo with piles of royal gemstonies! I hope her last hours are celebrated and bestowed with endless well wishes - after all, tomorrow she'll officially become a royal Mrs!

Bachelorette TiaraKaufmanfranco, Belted Sequin-Embellished Silk MiniBernardo, Jingle Bell Embellished Sandals /, Sequin Scarf / Sparkle Swizzle Stick / Diane Von Furstenburg, Power Ring / Beauty Is Life, Celebration Lashes / Blingo / Loose Diamonds - {REAL game pieces} / Confetti FountainMarc De Champagne TrufflesCristal Louis Roederer Champagne / Sotheby's Cornelius Kierstede Punch Bowl


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