Building The Mrs. Bar : Liqueurs



What gives most cocktails that extra special punch? What takes them from good to so fab you could have this for lunch?! The answer to that my friends lies in the liqueurs - the exceptional elixirs that are rich in grandeur. A little usually goes a long way - say's the lady who abuses the Grand Marnier! A bar isn't a bar sans Compari, Noilly Prat, and St. Germain - let's face it without these your bar would be considered quite lame! It goes without saying that Pimm's No. 1 should be a front runner - that said, Bailey's, Domain De Canton, and Chartreuse always make things funner! Not to be missed is the fruity trifecta - Cointreau, Hellocello and Raspberry Aqua Perfecta - the crown jewels of the foo-foo-drinks, chick-sips, etcetera, etcetera...

Liqueurs are the are the booze that need little explanation - but the very thing that turns a favored cocktail into a glittering sensation! 

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