Building The Mrs. Bar : Tools


It goes without saying that the proper bar requires the proper tools - preferably, the shiny-fancy ones that wow your compatriots sitting on the stools. Amongst this catalogue of customary bar toolery - is an elite mix of utensils both new and old schoolery. The cardinal suspects being the strainer, the shaker, the stirrer, and the measure - are the gold standards that will surely delight your cocktail pleasure! Add to that the blender, the muddler, the juicer, and the reamer - and you've got yourself an elevated bar that boasts a distinguished demeanor. You ought to now take stock of what you have - and fill in the appropriate blanks on your bar's behalf. A new purchase or two for the bar is certainly a wise investment - and thus vital for any time-honored booze-laden commencement.

Strain / Shake / Blend / Measure / Muddle / Juice / Ream / Stir

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