Mrs. Lilien's Proper Table Setting {for TradHome!}


Should you find yourself planning a sit-down soiree—and fretting over which plates and spoons to properly display—bother not, for it’s rather straightforward, I dare do say. A properly set table is the axis of every dinner affair, so it’s best to make it otherworldly, to which nothing else will compare!

Begin with the dinner plate, fine china if you’ve got it, and then a salad plate with a punchy design to perch on top of it. The monogrammed dinner napkins sit to the left of the dinner plate. A Mrs. always claims her table by way of the napkin; this is not up for debate!

For a perfectly placed flatware suite, you need ten pieces per seat. The salad and dinner forks sit with the napkin on the left, while the dessert fork and the coffee spoon sit above the plate, centered and direct. This leaves the dinner knife, the teaspoon, the soup spoon, and the cocktail fork, which should be positioned to the right to create the full effect.

Lastly, we have the glassware, a topic of which I’m rather fond. It’s important to offer a plethora of libations, from water to wine and beyond. I usually skip the water glass and in its place offer Champagne; when you’re in it to win it, it’s more or less all the same. I prefer a fine coupe over a flute. The coupe boasts a more refined look and holds more bubbles to boot. And when it comes to wine, I always serve red and white. Your guests will admire the options with tipsy delight!  

So there you have it: the proper Mrs. table setting broken down and defined, creating a fabulous mix of plates and utensils perfectly placed and utterly refined.

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©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013