Stir Away With Me


There's nothing I love more than a fanciful swizzle; well that and perhaps the very elixir that is soon to whet my whistle! There's an excitement that ensues upon plunging said swizzle into frosty drink; it's comparable to putting the cherry atop the cake, dontchya think?! The art of cocktailing captures the essence of all things theatrical; where the stir is dramatic and the plastic swizzles are whimsically fantastical.  Enter a world where floating cherries are life and where swords are used sans mighty strife. What ever your pleasure demands and what ever the particular drink commands, be sure to include a swizzle that's decidedly grands!

Flamingo / Palm Tree / Tiki / 9 Carat Gold Swizzle / Seahorse Swizzle Sticks / Tahitian Swizzle

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013