Summer Reading with Mrs. Burch


When approached by camp Tory Burch to highlight my three summer reads, I did a few cartwheels and excitedly agreed! Mrs. Burch has a glittering Summer Reading List over on The Tory Blog and asked yours truly to contribute to the juicy reading catalogue. Thrilled to be considered, I leapt at the chance and briefly pondered my literary stance. She had requested three Mrs. Lilien book selections and so I took to my library to peruse my coveted collections. The task was simple, no doubt, thus I handed off my reads...and here I'll roll them out: 1. The book I'm reading now, a real page-turner: Jacqueline Smith's "Valley of the Dolls" a deliciously drama laden gossip churner! 2. The book that changed my life, oh there is but only one: Dr. Seuss's "There's a Wocket in My Pocket" in my eyes, cannot be outdone! And, 3. The book I give as a gift is nothing short of fabulous: "Poolside with Slim Aarons" is visually life altering and indulgently scandalous!

A duchess curtsy to Mrs. Burch for having me and for bestowing such a tasty compliment! I'm so honored to share these beloved tomes I hold so dear and prominent!




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