Mrs. Scrub


One day whilst prancing around in blogland, I came across this brilliant little post; awe stricken by the simplicity, I was curiously engrossed! I took to my pantry and whipped up a batch; I added some fresh lemon zest just a dash then sprinted to the shower in a flash! What happened next I almost can't explain; my shower scrubbing experience was utterly insane! Thrilled with this new easy concoction, I knew I had to share. Keeping it all to myself, well, it's just not fair! It's so perfect for sloughing off that naughty summer tan; revealing a healthy glow the way only magic can! I beg you try this, it's really rather brilliant; it'll leave your skin soft, supple and remarkably resilient!

Merci, Mrs. Brown Pen for sharing this simple little recipe. It's become my new favorite shower necessity! 

Fine Sea Salt / Olive Oil / Jar

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