Mrs. Splish-Slpash


Wouldn't you just absolutely LOVE to indulge in a most spectacular outdoor tub?! Imagine gallivanting through a sound-of-music-esque field to find a luxury laden bath in the wide open and unconcealed. T'would be an utterly glorious bathing scenario, don't you agree? Bathing in the outdoors all footloose and fancy free! Having all the accoutrements at the ready would only make matters more magnificent taking said bathing setting from pedestrian to significant. On your next nature walk, you best keep your eyes peeled; you just might find me bathing in a resplendent, flowery field.

The Dutch Tub / Lavender Sea Salt Soak / Linda Farrow Snake Skin Sunglasses / Dr. Robin Sunscreen / Natural Sea Sponge / Terry Bathing Pillow / Roberts Portable Radio / Spa Wrap / Bathing Turban / Tory Burch Slickers / By Elizabeth Dehn, Shea Cream


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