Mrs. Bumble Bee


There's this lady, you see…they call her Mrs. Bumble Bee, and if you ask me I'd say she's the bees knees! Sure, she can be bossy and bold, but she's also pretty sweet; I'd say twofold! She has a knack for scaring people away; the buzz around town is that her sting causes serious dismay. I've met her and au contraire! I must say she's harmless. Just an exuberant Mrs. who's oozing over with a little sharpness. Her reputation aside, she's really quite lovely. if I do say so myself, she's sweeter than honey! If you happen upon her, I encourage you to sit and stay a while; you'll be pleasantly surprised to know you can charm her with your smile!

Christian Dior Turban / Vintage Valentino Frock / Jimmy Choo Pumps / Kenneth Jay Lane, Bumble Bee Brooch / Barenjager Honey Liqueur / Torrini Honey Dipper

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