Lady Applepicker


What's not to love about Lady Applepicker...? She drives a cute car and always has plenty apple liquor! She stems from a royal pedigree of esteemed Applepickers whose family blood runs hot with appley vim & vigors. She's passionate about her namesake's fruit -- between you and me she's a bit of an apple-snoot! She sure knows her apples there's no denying; she can spot a braeburn a mile away, I swear I'm not lying! A skill she apparently learned from Granny Smith; I'm told she's a true legend, not a myth! So, the next time you bite into something juicy, golden n' delicious you can thank Lady Applepicker for bestowing you a snack all-perfect + nutritious!

Paul & Joe Sister Cape / Karen Walker Sunglasses / Agent Provocateur Leopard Driving Gloves / Pipsqueak Best Cider / Graci Premium Apple Cider / Fruit Picking Pack / Maneater Wedge Wellies / 1957 BMW Isetta

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