What's Your Accessorality?


If there's one thing that defines a lady's originality it's none other than her accessorality. You know, the style in which she chooses to bedeck by way of the very accoutrements that make up her silhouette. I've made things simple and coined 6 categories; perhaps you'll identify with a particular class of the above accessories. Maybe your prissy and a little bitchy or better yet mostly frisky and slightly glitzy. I consider myself one of each; a kind of primo pastiche! Either way you choose you certainly cannot lose! What ever your accessorality is, you'll be able to snatch it up online - tomorrow zara launches their online shop, which'll be absolutely divine!

Bitchy : patent ankle strap wedge  + patent leather clutch / Kitschy : zebraskin ballerina + classic bowling bag / Glitzy : sequinned ballerina + metallic bucket bag / Ritzy : snakeskin ballerina + large snakeskin clutch / Frisky : coltskin ballerina + ridgid city messenger bag / Prissy : yellow coltskin ballerina + xl fashion clutch

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